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Uncooked Shrimp Chips Manora (Prawn Crackers) - 500g
Uncooked Shrimp Chips Manora (Prawn Crackers) - 500g
Uncooked Shrimp Chips Manora (Prawn Crackers) - 500g
Uncooked Shrimp Chips Manora (Prawn Crackers) - 500g
Uncooked Shrimp Chips Manora (Prawn Crackers) - 500g

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Uncooked Shrimp Chips Manora (Prawn Crackers) - 500g


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Shrimp chips, also known as prawn crackers or shrimp crackers, are a popular snack in many Asian countries.
Shrimp chips offer a delicious and crispy snack option with a distinctive seafood flavor that appeals to many palates.
Shrimp chips have a light and crunchy texture with a savory flavor that is reminiscent of shrimp or prawns.

Cooking instructions Manora Prawn Crackers Cooking Instructions

Manora Prawn Crackers Cooking Instructions

  1. Preheat Oil:

    Begin by heating vegetable oil in a deep pan or a deep-fryer to a temperature of 180°C (350°F).

  2. Deep-Frying Method:

    Take a handful of the uncooked shrimp chips (Manora Prawn Crackers) and carefully place them into the hot oil. Do not overcrowd the pan. The chips will quickly puff up and expand.

  3. Fry Until Golden:

    Fry the shrimp chips for about 2-3 seconds until they turn golden and become crispy. The cooking time is very short, so be attentive and avoid overcooking them.

  4. Drain Excess Oil:

    Using a slotted spoon or a wire mesh strainer, carefully remove the fried shrimp chips from the hot oil and allow them to drain on a paper towel-lined plate. This will help remove any excess oil.

  5. Cool and Serve:

    Allow the shrimp chips to cool for a few minutes before serving. They will become even crispier as they cool down. Serve them as a standalone snack or alongside your favorite dips or sauces.

Note: The cooking time may vary depending on the quantity of chips being fried and the size of the pan. It's important to monitor the frying process closely to ensure the shrimp chips are cooked evenly and do not burn.

Enjoy the crispy and delicious Manora Prawn Crackers as a delightful snack or as an accompaniment to your favorite meals!

IngredientsFresh Shrimps, Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Tapico Starch, Pepper
Country of OriginThailand