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Jumbo Dynamite Shrimps (200g)
Jumbo Dynamite Shrimps (200g)
Jumbo Dynamite Shrimps (200g)
Jumbo Dynamite Shrimps (200g)
Jumbo Dynamite Shrimps (200g)
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Jumbo Dynamite Shrimps (200g)


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United Arab Emirates

200 Gm
1 Kg

Prepare your favorite seafood with the delicious taste of pure and fresh cooked shrimps. It absorbs the spices and flavors easily and maintains the tenderness of its meat.

Nutritional information Nutritional Information
Per 100g Average Nutritional Value
Energy (kcal) Value
Carbohydrates 28.4g
Protein 1g
Fat 7.4g
Storage ConditionKeep frozen at -18°C
Preparation & Usage

Jumbo dynamite shrimp is a popular dish known for its crispy coating and spicy flavors. Here are cooking instructions for deep frying jumbo dynamite shrimp.


Heat the Oil:

a. Fill a deep fryer or a deep, heavy-bottomed pot with oil, ensuring there's enough to fully submerge the shrimp.

b. Heat the oil to 170°C (340°F).

Fry the Shrimp:

a. Carefully place the ready-to-cook jumbo dynamite shrimp into the hot oil, one at a time, to prevent sticking.

b. Fry the shrimp for 3 to 5 minutes or until they are golden brown and crispy.

Drain and Serve:

a. Use a slotted spoon to remove the fried shrimp and place them on a plate lined with paper towels to drain excess oil.

b. Allow the shrimp to cool slightly before serving.


a. Serve the deep-fried jumbo dynamite shrimp hot.

Enjoy your delicious deep-fried jumbo dynamite shrimp!